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Where to buy Butcher or Chop Shop props???

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Where to buy Butcher or Chop Shop props for reasonable prices. Want items to put in a meat display case and a few limbs hanging around.
I searched the forum and can't seem to find the right posts. I was wondering if anyone knew of the cheapest place to order that has the most realistic props. I can repaint if needed as well. I have made burnt limbs but I do not know how to get the skin realism of freshly cut body parts without ordering expensive body molding supplies. Our haunted house is for charity so all of our props must be handmade or cost effective. Any help or known sorces to order from would be awesome. Thanks!
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Dollar tree usually has limbs. They would need painted.
Like witch poo said, last year the dollar stores had all of this stuff where it was even wrapped in the cellophane and on those white foam trays like you see in the meat section (kind of crazy). The items were a little small, but for a $1 each you can't go wrong.
You can make your own entrails using Great Stuff, you should be able to Google something? I used was paper and ran long strands of GS, spritz with water to help set and paint them up! I saved a few large foam meat trays and wrapped them like a deli tray. I also made a brain out of GS, again on wax paper and using a balled up piece of tinfoil add GS in pattern like brain matter and let set. Paint grey and make bloody. Allen Hopps also has very good tutorials on making brains out of calking and tinfoil, etc. Limbs and stuff are easier to buy at Dollar Stores!
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Awesome thanks everyone. I have made entrails a brain with great stuff. They turned out great. Haven't quite mastered the molding and shaping of greatstuff yet. If I carve it, doesn't paint as well. I wonder if I could make a liver and a few tongues with it tho.
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Maybe you could carve and sand the shapes out of blue or pink sheet foam???
You should have these


Half masks from the dollar store and cheap photo frames
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If you want packaged "organ" meat, places like Dollar Tree, 99 Cent Only Stores really do offer a lot in that realm for a Butcher Shop. Here's some photos from when I bought mine from Dollar Tree:

Later picked up some bags of eyeballs and ears. They had fingers too. You get quite a lot for $1. Of course there are the arms and legs too. Somewhere not sure which store I also saw tongues. A number of the "organs" come prepackaged so pretty cheap one-stop solution. Unless you already have the materials, I image sometime making stuff can be more expensive and for sure more time consuming.

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99 Cent stores have lots of body parts this year, too. ALso you might check Oriental Trading Company.
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