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Where on the forum is the flower bouquet?

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I've searched for about an hour and can't find a thread I've read within the past two weeks.

Somebody posted a flower bouquet that I believe was either black roses or dark purple (maybe both) and it had an eyeball(s).

Another user commented on how it reminded them of the 90s dancing flowers and how it would be cool (or something like that)

Do you know this thread? Thanks. I'm losing my mind trying to find the picture
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Did you look through the show off your most recent craft thread?
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Was it this bouquet, by any chance?

If so, itzpopolotl was spot-on.....'
Showcase Your Most Recent Crafts' thread 0on 7-24-2015 at 09:50 PM
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I went through the thread and couldn't find it. Defenestrator, that is an awesome bouquet, but it's not the one I'm searching for. It had more flowers and was more compact. It was desktop size, too. Thanks for your help though Itzpopolotl and Defenestrator.
I think Saki.girl has made some like that??
I think I remember someone posting that Michaels had flowers with eyeballs.
Hilda: that makes me think of the eye plants from the movie Labyrinth http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j307/bodilyfirefly/Labyrinth RPG/eyeballs.jpg I'd like to make something like that. It seems not too hard.
I'm actually working on some fung-eye right now inspired by Labyrinth. hahaha What a coincidence! :D
Hilda: "fung-eye"..SO funny lol. It made me think of a Halloween "garden". You know how people put little sticks or something with signs that say what plant is on which row? A little garden with rows of horrid little vegetables would be awesome. And one row could be the fung-eye, and maybe a row of "slima-beans". Maybe some mounds of "bloatatos", some nice "scarrots", maybe a few "puke-chini" plants....I really need to make notes, i might do this some day. If anybody does try this though for the love of all things Halloween post pics and tutorials lol! And don't forget the "SPLEEN-BEANS" ROFL!!!
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Thanks everybody, but no luck. I went through the first 10 pages of threads and went through each threads. No luck. I can only guess that I was searching for something else and came across it. Thanks for your help nonetheless.
That comment sounds familiar to me too. Are you part of any FB haunters groups? Any chance you saw it there?
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