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Fall gets busy, since we own a haunted house.
There is a definite "Lull" right after school begins, so we decided to put a new roof on the East part of the house then.
We have done our own roofs before,my Wife helping a lot. This roof was in much worse condition than any other 's we have ever repaired,which means more money and more TIME.
This house was a "BAR" for it's first 60 years,and from what we found under the old shingles , sort of "says" that maybe the builder of that part of this house was also the Bar's Best customer?
Logically,I supposed the roof rafters should have been spiked to the big,pre-existing house first. No, they stopped at least a foot short and weren't connected to the Big house ?
Then the roofing boards also stopped short of even touching the Big house,secured via just tin flashings!?
Then our busiest time hit us........today, if/when the rain stops,and if I have maybe just four hours of time to get up there, I can finish it?
When the roof was off, i discovered a whole lot more unused "Space" that I may be able to make some use of!
Many of the old roof boards were obviously 2nd or 3rd-"Hand with red and green paint on them.
The North roof had 5 layers of shingles on it!
Those first shingles were about the size of a Post Card! Made that way! They were held on via tiny one-inch Square nails! Cast iron, nails.With almost no "Head".
The roofing boards were staggered thick-thin for board thickness, I think this procedure helped the small shingles stay on,tucked in such as they were.
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