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Where does everyone get thier supplies?

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I generally do everything hand made and if I have to buy something I'll shop around at the goodwill for stuff I can repurpose. However I'm having terrible luck restocking my doll head and body parts supplies I use for tombstones and everything else lol. Where do you guys pick up your supplies on the cheap?
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Everywhere and anywhere. Depends on what's needed. Check thrift stores for stuff like old used toys (dolls too).
Home Depot, Lowes, Michaels, and eBay get most of my money.
Freecycle can be good sometimes.

Craigslist too. I check it practically every other day starting in September looking for stuff I need for my builds. Especially the "free" section. I've gotten most of my raw building materials from there (pallets/pressboard).
Yeah other than goodwill and the facebook buy and sale pages, I buy most of my build stuff at lowes. I've found some good stuff at flea markets too but the closest one of those to me is about a 3 hour drive in Denver so I rarely get to go. Closest place for most of my big stuff is in Cheyenne, WY.

Edited: I also get most my foam and concrete forms from the Habitat for Humanity too.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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