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Where can i get gemmy props???

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OK, I have seen some Gemmy blow up props at Garden Ridge and some online but where are online stores or a store I can go in person that I can find the cool props? I tried to search for Gemmy.com and they had a sign up for a catalog which I did. Help me! I want to upgrade my Halloween yard and party this year.
Thank you!!!!!
And we have less then 100 days I am getting nervous!!!!
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I would think their online catalog should be going up real soon. I saved some pages from the 2008 one last August 13 and heck we're almost at the end of July now. Their site was useful in that you saw props and could go to one prop and see who they showed stocking it. As I recall it included brick and mortar stores as well as some online ones. In the meantime, I think places like Target, Walmart and Kmart might have some of their stuff online now.
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