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Hmmm. Funeral music can be many different things. I'd try doing a search for organ (pipe organ and regular) and see if any of that sounds good to you, and also do a search for old gospel and hymns as those can also sound pretty creepy if you get an old, scratchy recording (or add sound effects to make it sound that way).

You might want to check out Midnight Syndicate's albums. They have many that would work for a creepy instrumental background.

I like 4shared.com to search through their archives. Here's a few I found:

^Chopin's Funeral March

^creepy pipe organ - sounds decent for a funeral

^Silent Hill music from the games. VERY creepy but sound like it could work for a funeral...

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Thanks everyone with all the great suggestions. I hope after Halloween this year
I can learn how to play music off the computer to my different rooms...lol
I have had a Haunted House for 9 years now, still need work on sound and lights but I am really good at prop building..lol
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