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Where can I buy this?!?!? thank you!!!!

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If anyone can help me find this, i will be soooooo grateful!!!! Thank you!!!!
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They look homemade to me!

Shouldn't be too hard or expensive to do - you could probably do most of it with old stuff lying around the house.

Just need a couple of old clothes... a mask... maybe a wig...

I found the original video:


You might find this tutorial helpful - it's a similar idea:


And this! So funny! They put a lot of helpful instructions in the description box under the video:


Good Luck!
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yah...i think homemade too pull out your glue gun and get a model, pool noodles or pvc and stuffing...mask, wig.............very cute and how fun...lol
Using the jumpsuit would be the easiest and I wonder if the framework from a trail pack would help make the monster behind you? Instead of the legs in front, how about two bloody stumps?
A belt could hold the prop at the waist and the arms/hands would hold it at the chest. When you wear it, lean forward a little to make the monster look like it is standing straight up.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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