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Where can I buy a kit74 parallel relay board?

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Post the link please
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Thanks, a lot. Just purchased it and the audio boards also. What exactly did you use to trigger the audio on the audio boards?
For some audio boards I generally use a LM555 timer whose output drives a transistor and closes the switch contacts every xx minutes. For other audio boards I use a simple lever switch that closes the contacts when a coffin lid opens or a pop-up raises up. Lever switches are great.

BTW, I love the Kit74, but I also build my own 8 port Triac boards. They work with all the same software that runs the kit74 but there is no relay "clack" sound. If you have the ability to build them, they are a great alternative. I use both depending on the application (I use 5 8-10 port kit74 or triac boards). I also use a PIC microcontroller plugged directly to a kit74 through a DB25 connector to run a pre-programmed sequence. I also use the kit74 boards as input triggers as well as for output.
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