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Where are you at?

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Halloween is just over 50 days away - so where are you at?

I know what I'm going to do. I've drawn plans, made lists, sorted props and started shopping. But I haven't painted any signs or gravestones, put anything up or built/dressed any character dummies.

How about you?
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I am sort of behind myself this year! The farthest along I am is with decorating... the whole inside of my house is almost completely decorated. All I'm missing is some of the lights and fake spiderwebs to drape around. Can't do the outside til Oct 1st thanks to the stupid HOA my neighbourhood has.

What I really need to finish is making new molds and prosthetics. I'm the head makeup artist for a haunt in Phoenix so I have to make new wounds so all the actors aren't wearing the all the same things from last year. I have some new molds, now its just pouring all the silicone in. And there were a few more wounds I wanted to makes molds of but we shall see if I get them completed before opening night!

I am also starting to get costumes together, need a couple for parties as well as characters I want to be in the haunt this year.I can't believe how quick its coming up though.:eek:

Then finally I'm working on some paintings that I wanted done for halloween this year.. then my goal for next year is to open an online shop to sell prints, cards, etc of my work.. fingers crossed!

Hope everyone else is coming along ok!
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Working on secret reaper, and trying to finish preparations for a chameleon we are getting. Currently juggling 6 days of sport dreading where basketball fits in.
50 days left....sleep Will be limited soon. Love the hustle and bustle.
Nowhere lol ive been stuck working multiple 16 hrs shift on top of normal 40 hrs with School. Kids, house, granddaughter when i see her, goin to the southside center to help decorate when i am able and can do for the haunted house, ive managed to get my witches shelf up and few things in kitchen but havent done anything outside yet YIKES!!!!!!
Inside is about half done. I will start outside tomorrow. This weekend it's going to be getting quite cold so I'll be able to get it all out by Monday unless my back flips out. I still have a few repairs to do on tombstones & the tape ghost, the banshee is completely redone, and a few pumpkins need a paint touchup. The big project this year is a halloween tree which is maybe 1/3 done but it'll be ready by the big day.

Clothing Fashion Outerwear Dress Long hair

The banshee reborn
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The original plan was for 3 big builds, but decided to cut it back to the two that are mostly done (and honestly if I put them up as is, no one would notice the things I want to do to them from here). Presuming decent weather I'll finish the one up this weekend.

Got some repairs to do on some of our legacy pieces and we're actually unpacking them tonight to make sure I can get it all done.

Got some things I need to still locate a source on, which is a little troublesome.
Man I have most of my stuff. I need to repaint the skeletons, and tombstones and figure out if I'm doing/building a witch stirring.
So very behind. The stuff I want to put in the yard is about 80% completed. The walk through in the garage is a hodge podge -and 50% ready to be put up at best. I haven't decided what to do in 2 of the rooms yet, which might just get filled with stuff as its set up. The garage walk through might even be eliminated this year (which I think will upset me more than the TOTs). Time was just not on my side this year. Too many outside commitments, not enough time dedicated to myself. But all is not lost I still have 50 days to pull it together.
We killed the 2 dirt dobber and 1 wasp nest out on the patio so I can actually go out there. That will help with the decorating process... lol.
Working on décor for our mid-Oct party. Will start decorating before end of this month.
Starting the pallet maze build this weekend, finishing one last tombstone, working on a wall sconce, painting stone work on our facade, and adding brutal rust to some new sections of cemetery fence....all for this weekend!

It was cold and rained most of Labour Day long weekend, we accomplished very little on construction projects. :mad:
I'm at the corner of "getyoubuttingear"" and "ahscrewit"

Had a great weekend weather-wise so I finally got around to building the fence between mine and the neighbors house. Hopefully, I'll finish that up next weekend. From there, who knows. I still haven't figured out what props to finish, what props to start building, where the props will go or the layout in general..
My first snarky response was "at my desk at work>"

Then I saw Scatterbrains at
at the corner of "getyoubuttingear"" and "ahscrewit".
& waved hi!! Cause that's where I am now too.
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Well, I am just about finished with the top half of my werewolf. I need about (2) sheets of 2" foam boards to finish. So, I went to home depot, but they were out!
Now ,I have to start trekking around to find some or meet Scatterbrain and RCIAG at the corner of ahscrewit.
Maybe we can start a acapella group.:D
I'm not as far along as I would like to be. I'm looking at what I can cut that wont impact my idea too much.

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Nothing at all because it's all boxed up for our move on Oct 3rd:p Hasn't stopped me from buying new Halloween decorations though:rolleyes: If I'm lucky I can get some decorations out the last week of October.
I'm in a new place this year, so I'm kind of at a loss for what exactly I'm doing. My roommates are my best friends and they own the house I rent the bottom floor out of. They've already told me I have free reign to decorate what I'd like, but I'm going to try to convince them to help out with the yard, not only because it'll be a blast, but I don't really know the house or the neighborhood that well yet and feel like I need their guidance a little bit. Hopefully we have fun with it!
I'm *this* close to biting off more than I can chew .. Again! :p

I've almost convinced myself that I can build a whole castle facade to cover the front of the house and an open sorcerer room with props all before Halloween. :confused:
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Mine is well along and right on schedule for early october setup. All my new builds are 99.9% done and most of my repairs have been made to my stored props as I brought them out for inspection and staging on my back porch. Still need to make a run to the woods for branches and roll out my fence on the driveway for repairs, but other than that I think I'm ready to roll. I'll have most of October off to set up and tweak. Lots of new stuff this year. New big props, new lighting, new sounds, a new layout. Gonna be bigger and better than last year! So excited!
Made a couple of purchase additions for the year, general upkeep on the year-round backyard structures and built a new one (saloon), have to build first wooden homemade tombstones (two perhaps) for a specific scene - won't drag all the storage bins and full figures out to do an inventory till the 30th of September likely, as will be out of town to first weekend of Knott's Scary Farm and Halloween Horror Nights, plus a stop in Burbank's HalloweenTown store to see if any additions will be acquired there.
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