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Where are all my Michigan peeps?

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I am sure everyone from Michigan has their eye on the weather for Saturday. Last I checked were in store for cold and rain. I actually think that would be better than the SNOW we received last year. I think that seriously put a damper on everything.
Definitely setting up everything in the garage and porch other than a nice fire going out front.
How else are my fellow Michiganders planning on coping????
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I'm just crossing my fingers!!
I've tried to make all my props storm proof.
So far they've held up these past few brutal Octobers (as far as rain and wind storms).
In that regard, I'm most proud of my bat (18ft of webbed wings hovering over the roof: what could possibly go wrong?!)
Don't recall snow where I was, but In my mind it was a Michigan worst case scenario;
Cold, rainy and high winds from the East ( I braced things for prevailing western winds).

As much as it beats up props, I feel more sorry for the trick-or-treaters.

I believe last year's crap was due to fallout from hurricane season.
It looks like we'll be getting hit with remnants of Hurricane Patricia this year. (weather story link)
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Yah...I just read about the high winds coming in the next day from the hurricane Patricia. Not cool. We can never seem to catch a break weather wise on Halloween in Michigan...
This morning there were silver dollar sized snow flakes falling. Cousin of the Yoopers.
Yeah! Just looked at the weather...calling for 38 degrees and 60 percent chance of rain showers. That will definitely put a damper on festivities. Anyone know a good moving company...over it.
Waited until today to put up the cemetery. Will put out the boys (Jason, Michael, Freddy) tomorrow, and cross fingers for a break in the rainfall around Tot'ing time. Good luck to us all!!!
Came home from work to find mike snake knocked over and the Mantis doing the twist!
Fairly simple fix to keep the snake from tipping again.
One item I highly recommend is this set of four swing-set auger anchors - under $10 at Amazon (forgot; there's an enforced MI sales tax now) >80(
I bought these in Michigan...does that count :rolleyes:;)
Food Cuisine
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