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When You Scare Somebody

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This "season" we saw a few people have to leave the very first room. There will always be the nervous little girl, we saw a few of them, one returned a few days later,went through,just fine.. but some people when you scare them have caused me concerns.
Yesterday afternoon there were two couples,plus one here in the front-first room.
The two men are handsome older gents who might be twins,their Wives were with them and maybe another woman who might have been a Daughter.
One man was making some very interesting comments about the Wacky video I inflict upon people for just a few short minutes.
I think he was actually saying things to imitate a College Professor,critiquing the motives behind the repeated madness,all having to do with "Disillusioned "Youth" , excetra...
At the almost finale of the front room routine as I am about to tell them I am a ghost (Sounds very "Corny" typed here ,but in-person i work up to this and it can play well) The one man suddenly blurts out:"You Are The GHOST!"
Then throws his upper body Left and then right and then says:"I have to get out of here NOW!"
Everyone Exited via the entrance following him as he beat-feet putting distance between himself and everyone and everything else.

I guess I convinced Him.....I am ... the GHOST.
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We had two options last night. You could go through the maze and get scared or you could take the bunny trail and just get your candy. We saw a lot of adults and kids opt to take the bunny trail especially as they would be hearing a chainsaw starting up and numerous screams. But then as they're up at the house getting their candy, the folks who had been doing all the screaming would be coming out of the maze and laughing and saying what a great time they had and talking about what their favorite parts and then the bunny trail folks would change their minds and go in the maze.

We had one family with three little kids who opted for the bunny trail when they came through at 7:00 and their kids were whining and pestering them to bring them back, so they got back in their costumes and came back at 11:00 so they could all go through the maze. They were all scared, but they had a good time and stood outside talking with us about how they wanted to help us setup next year.
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When someone tells another a scary, and very strange story,one of two things may happen.
The listener becomes unsettled from the story.
The listener begins to think the storyteller is nutty enough to be actually dangerous.

Either one is fine with me.
I tell the stories at the beginning and have the whole rest of the house tour to make them laugh and forget how scary they may have thought me to be.
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Some students at the local community college put on a haunted house, and I got to help with it. I really hope they do this again next year, because the building they had was perfect - long narrow corridors, a centrally located room to house a water/costume repair station, and plenty of doors to make people wonder when something was going to jump out.

Since I was new to this, it took me a bit to figure out what worked and what didn't. After awhile, I managed to give people a subtle, confusing scare, which I think set them up nicely for the next person to pop out.

the acoustics were such that we could hear what kind of group was coming through. I love the people who yell things like, "You can stop now! I see you!"

i think ink the most amusing group was one where half tried to go for the exits, and half tried to run through the previous part they just left. I think it took us all two full minutes to coordinate together & herd them towards the exits! A successful scare, I'd say.
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Just a few minutes ago I overheard this near the Exit:"This is the scariest, creepiest haunted house that I have ever been in!"
Then I made her scream three times within her next few steps. It was an adult group ranging from 35 to 55 yrs. old.
She also said I had scared the +%^&*# out of her !
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