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When will you start displaying Halloween decor in your front yard in 2009

When will you start displaying in 2009?

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There is only 65 days left until Halloween. With everyone's builds being kicked into high gear and storage space at a premium this close the the big day I'm wondering when the majority of "large scale" yard haunters begin staging decor and props in their yards? By "large scale" I don't mean a full on maze or walk through but those with decor that pretty much fills out their front yard ...

I do apologize if this question has already been asked this year so please delete if needed MOD, thanks.
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Stuff is starting to creep into the garage now.Sept 20 I get the greenlite to do what I want.
I'm preparing like we all are but in my neighborhood you better not put anything out before Halloween day (that's not attached to the house like lights) or you're asking for trouble.
We habitually put the Graveyard out 7 days before the Big Event, with lighting and animatronics added as the day approaches. But a few years back we had a neighbor, an elderly lady, who was battling cancer. She could see our front yard from her Kitchen window, no way could I put out a Graveyard, she didn't need to see that every morning. But, wouldn't you know, SHE approached US and asked when the stuff was going on display! She got as big a kick out of it as anyone.
My graveyard will start going up three weeks before Halloween and all the static & animated props will be laid out where it will go but not put out until the saturday before Halloween for our open house. It all comes back in the same night and will be put out again on Halloween day.
We start the first week of October.

The outside lighting changes to green and purple, the stretchy webbing goes up over the walkway (so as to get really yucky by the big night - it catches leaves, twigs and gets stretched out really nicely by weather).

The graveyard fence and cheap tombstones go out 2 weeks out.
We do more in the house than outside so we have already started. The boxes are all down out of storage & we are going through stuff. Sept. we start in the garage & work throughout the house, by the 1st week of October we are gonna be outside stringing lights. Since we have not had any problems with people getting into stuff...... we so far have been able to get the display up outside early.
Well, since mine is mainly inside (college apartment) I display my stuff from October 1st-Nov. 1st... when I get a house the outside might be a different story.
My birthday is September 18th and that's usually my goal date to have things up and out by. So beginning of September I get to get things out of storage and start going through it all. It's almost here I can't wait. :)
Inside - this weekend is "Fall" weekend. I will change over all my summer stuff, to fall motif. (Can't WAIT!!) But I wait until the last weekend of September to actually bring out Halloween decorations, that includes outside too.

But when I get out my fall stuff this weekend, I plan to take an inventory of Halloween items, b/c #1, I'm so excited!! and #2, I want to be able to make wise purchases! ;)
Oh, the horror! I have so little to do and so much time! ... Scratch that, reverse it.

I'm still planning on:

-A stalkaround
-More tombstones
-A new coffin (the old one got killed by the undead)
-A scarecrow (for the fair)
-A "victim"
-Whatever else the pseudo-wife's little heart desires

Oh, and I also have to build a doghouse for the dog I don't have ... some time. (?)

Labor day weekend will be my main labor time, I reckon. I'll likely build the coffin and victim then.

So, until any or all of that is done, I am unlikely to put anything out at all. We usually don't do the graveyard until a couple of days before. Mainly the fear of damage due to vandals and/or weather, but we also have a lawn service and they get ornery when there's stuff in the yard, ... oh ... and the lack of time. The inside stuff will be going up in early October I figure.
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I have one mounth left to go to prepare the rest of my props and stuf !! but everything starts on the 1 of october !! and its oing down to the wire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I mainly decorate in my house, so Labor Day weekend I plan to get all of my stuff up from under the stairs and go through everything. Outside stuff will probably wait until the first weekend in October depending upon our weather, maybe later. Last year I just put out a few outside things around the first part of October and I swear that half of it blew away by Halloween. It is just way too windy here.
My birthday is September 18th and that's usually my goal date to have things up and out by. So beginning of September I get to get things out of storage and start going through it all. It's almost here I can't wait. :)
yeah thats what i do my birthday is oct 3 and i always have halloween birthday partys :D
October 1 start outside and inside as well. Concentrate mainly outside. We don't have too much trouble in our neighborhood. The couple across the street have two pitbull pups about a year old. We'll see how much trouble they give us. I may end up with two new props. lol Would pitts make good gargoyles?
Two weeks before Halloween this year, but that's the real Halloween-ey stuff. I'm putting out autumnal stuff starting probably next week.
Our haunt is constucted of 2 x 4s and stimpson brakets screwed together each year - a somewhat daunting task. Each Labor Day weekend we move the wood to the front yard and organize it. We also dig the holes for, and place the double 4x4s that we use to anchor it at the front (only about 3 ft above ground). We then start to pull other stuff out of storage and start any sub-assemblies that will help us later.

My neighbors (we have an association) have historically been fantastic about not complaining when we start construction in September. I try to avoid starting the framing until the second week of Sep.

This year the calendar is tricky with Labor Day being on the 7th, we might actually start constuction that weekend - not sure. We didn't finish last year and the plans are for more expansion this year. My son and I will discuss and decide.
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