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When do you start taking your decorations down?

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When do you start taking your indoor/outdoor decorations down?

I usually take mine down a few days after halloween (maybe like 4-5 days after)

What about you guys?

BTW: Happy Early Halloween
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Usually try to get the majority down the day after. This week it falls on Saturday, so it will all come down then.
I start tear down when ToTing stops....which is why I never get any good pics/videos of my haunt

We are expecting snow on Sunday so the goal will be to have everything that get's stored inside the house/garage/shed put away Saturday so that it doesn't get wet.
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Normally, I am ready for it to all come down the next day but this year I'm thinking I'll leave it till at least Sunday. Maybe Monday even. I was late getting into the spirit this year and I'm not ready to let go!
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We're projected to have 30+ mph winds overnight and into the next day, so I'll be taking down a lot of stuff soon after TOTs go home.
they will come down day after halloween
Everything comes down the night of. It usually ends up in the backyard where I have a week to put it away. But they are calling for rain on Sunday, so it looks like I will be really busy on Saturday. Which sucks because I wanted to go to a Day of the Dead festival on Saturday.
The morning after.
Some key props always come in the night of along with electronics.

Usually I like to put a big dent in things the day after but sometimes waits to the Saturday after. This year we have rain forecasted for Saturday so if all is wet I will leave t. Set up is the best way to dry things out rather than take down and then hang to dry.

I also always have people asking me to leave it so they can come by if they couldn't make it Halloween so I may wait until the weekend after this year.
All gone before midnight except for the carved JOLs - which stay lit and burn out on their own.

We follow the circus concept of setup and takedown - overnight on both so it's like it just magically appeared and disappeared.
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