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When boo'ing a house goes terribly wrong!!!

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Wall Squirrel Cat Tree Tail

One point for the squirrel.

My friend across the street texted me this earlier this morning of her next door neighbor (the ones we boo'd) It stole a treat from a boo we left on our neighbor's porch last night. I am pretty sure the chocolate is gone, too.
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We use to Boo around my neighborhood each year, don't think anybody ever ran in to critter issues though!
Oh no!!! :eek: I wonder if that little critter ate the wrrapper too!

I tried to start a neighborhood "Boo", but it went bust.... :/ The two people I boo'd ending up boo'ing me and the other neighbor. I guess maybe I should start another one... lol
Wow! That is one great squirrel costume!
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One of my people! I'm part squirrel according to my husband... or maybe he's just saying "squirrely?" :D

Poor thing is going to have a bad tummy ache if it ate a bunch of chocolate and suckers like that...
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Oh what a cute picture! Poor squirrel probably will get sick though from the candy. Unless he's going to try to bury it for later LOL.
Haha! Poor guy probably had a crazy sugar high. Cute picture!
Awww .... love the photo!

This didn't happen at Halloween but on Easter one year .... I left the baskets outside when we lived in CA, thinking it was in the back yard so nothing would get it ..... boy was my son mad when he went to get his basket from the Easter Bunny and the local Raccoon gang had beaten him to it! Lol! Taught the Easter Bunny to not do that again ;)
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Sorry your plans went wrong, but good for you for having a sense of humor about it:cool:
When I was little, my Dad filled up our Easter baskets and hid them in the attic for a couple of days because he knew we wouldn't find them there. Easter morning he goes up to get them, and all three baskets were totally devoid of candy. The big solid bunnies... gone. Hershey eggs... gone. M&Ms... gone. Marshmallow peeps... gone. There were wrappers everywhere, but not a scrap of candy. Turned out some squirrels had found his stash and devoured everything. The thing he found most impressive was he could see all the foil eggs had been unwrapped, not bitten through like the stuff in plastic containers or paper was. They had pulled every bit of foil off.

And for the record... all that candy did not hurt one squirrel that we ever saw. :)
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