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Forecast 70-80% during the day and dwindling to 40% by 8pm for us...... just isn't fair. :rolleyes:

Hopefully it'll blow thru early.
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:-( Fingers crossed that it fizzles out before it even starts.
Supposedly, we will be rain free- but cold (42F) tomorrow. But what makes me mad is that it was supposed to be merely cloudy today with maybe a light sprinkle. So I staged some of my wooden props outside.

It's been raining steadily since 6PM. :mad:
Yep, that's the rumor. We haven't had a rainy Halloween in years so I suppose we're due. Our city's police and fire depts have really been pushing their trunk or treat this year (safe alternative dontcha know :rolleyes:) and now they've moved to an indoor location so I guess there will be no reason for anyone to be out trick or treating. sigh,,, Even if we get a few, we most certainly won't be sitting outside fending off the multitudes like we normally do. So, yeah, I'm a little bummed. I went outside tonight and spent a little time enjoying my display while the weather is still nice. Really not ready for the season to end!
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Just saw last night they changed our forecast to rain starting around 1pm increasing through the night and into November 1st - thunderstorms (and highs in the mid 80s!!). Of course this is after I'd spend hours and hours up and down ladders and all over the yard putting out the bulk of my display that doesn't do well in rainy weather.

:p :mad:
Dang, so sorry for our dedicated Haunters who put so much into the big night. And yet, in my case, 32nd Hallowe'en ( not consecutive) in areas (Vancouver, Samoa) which are renowned for their rainfall) bad weather on three occasions only. But, hang in there, guys... It'll still be memorable.
That stinks. I was afraid we'd have rain too since we've been getting a lot of it the past few weeks, but it's just going to be cold. Upper 30's by around 8pm.
We had rain a few years ago, this year were dealing with very cold weather. Last year is was 78 on this day.
Right now it is 35 with a high of 40 wow..... I should keep warm running around. Hey maybe it will snow :)
No rain in the forecast.

Then...just now...the weather man says rain starts in a hour and we'll have intermittent THUNDERSTORMS through the night!!
Expecting up to 1 INCH of rain!!


Noooooo, dude!

My outdoor setup should be fine, but ToT might be ruined.

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Light drizzle started about two hours ago and it's been on and off since. Basically, it's damp and chilly and any other day I would absolutely be loving it. I still am. really. I just hate that trick or treaters will probably be few and I'm stuck with tons of made up treat bags. Oh well, I'll salvage what I can, enjoy the gloom, and watch Hocus Pocus and all my other favorites I've been saving! :)
Aaaaaaaand... the sun is shining! Looks like trick or treat is back on. Unless of course, everyone still heads for the city's indoor trunk or treat. Still wondering how that works exactly.
Had been holding off for me all day so far. Northwest of me has been getting hammered. I may just skate by. Just give me 4 more hours......
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