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I hadn't even thought of a neighbor's excessive lighting ruining one's haunt ambiance. That's unfortunate!

Climate is a big issue here. ToTs are few, so our party is the Halloween event at our place. Even if it doesn't pour rain or snow, and even if the wind doesn't carry off my outdoor decor, it's still apt to be cold enough that guests won't want to hang out outdoors for long. We have a big yard, and I could do so much if I could count on decent weather. Instead, most of the decorating will have to be contained indoors.

I do a series of themes in different parts of the house, but I try to make a flow rather than an abrupt change at each doorway (Victorian/Gothic elements in the main areas that lead to Dracula's room and to the Mad Scientist's lab...) Every year there's something new, but also some things stay the same.

My new plan for this year is a bayou area in our large upstairs sunroom. It looks spectacular in my head, but I'm well aware that my head is giving me about 50% more space to work with than what I actually have.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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