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My Haunt for 27 years has been The Ravens Grin Inn.. but maybe it will become"The Raven's Comedy Club'. Or maybe just "Ravens Comedy Club?"
I do spend most of my time here entertaining people, making them sometimes scream or jump, just a little bit as they might be laughing the rest of the time.
I have had a number of patrons here ask me to stop making them laugh! .. Because their face hurts! YES! their face hurts!
Of course then I just make them laugh some more!
I also can spend much time here telling them ghost stories about this house (True ones) and of course I can tell them silly or serious,or for kids or for adults.
I guess that I'm pretty flexible... for a guy my age!
www.hauntedravensgrin.com for pictures.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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