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Whats you haunt going to be like this year?

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Id be interested in hearing people describe their haunts and/or share some pics. What is new this year that you havent done before? What did you do before that you arent doing now?

As for me, we are going to be doing our traditional haunted cemetery (original, I know, but I love it). This is our first year doing it in a house instead of an apartment so we have alot more room and freedom. I'm building a cemetery fence out of PVC and plastic finials and it will surround classic headstones, bones, floating skelleton-ghosts and randomly strewn about body partys. I hope to have two working ground foggers (mine always seem to break down), lots of green and orange lighting, a lignting stobe and loud thunder/haunted sounds.

This year Im going to stay away from halloween themed string lights because I feel it kills the suspension-of-disbelief factor. i.e. Why would a cemetery have pumpkin shaped string lights?
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i'm doing an alien theme with spiders bats and tombstones mixed in.
I'm doing a cemetary on one side of the yard with the home made pvc fencing, monster in a coffin with a bumble ball and red light with flicker. Then I'll have a few headstones, a ground popper headstone, and adult and child bucky.
On the other side I'm doing scarecrows with the rotted skulls coming through the burlap. I'm going to make one cross that I can stand on and then jump down to scare the kids. They have to walk through hay bails to get to the bottomless pit at the end. By the hay bails will be the scarecrows to scare them on their way.
I picked up the little wooden coffins at Michael's and the first 15 or so will get them stuffed with candy.
This year we will greatly expand from last year. Last year I had two teenagers with nothing to do so I suggested doing a very very minor yard haunt. Needless to say, we had a BLAST!!!! I was up at 6 am on Nov 1 planning this years haunt.

Let's see....we'll have several "stations". We will have a FCG, an AFG, scream tubes, zombie babies, a toxic waste dump, spiders, and a cemetery. I'll post pics as I get them!
Expanding from last years enclosed maze in the front yard to now a toxic wasteland in the backyard. Front yard will now be a cemetary. I mean, where do you think all those zombies came from?

The red dashed line is the ToT path lighted with orange lights. I'm enlisting the help of my daughters high school field hockey team to be the zombies in the Zombie Run. Believe me, there will be people running... The cool sound effects came from PoisonProps.

Toxic Control Room: "Toxic" labeled drums, neon foam toxic spills, black lighting, 2 bodies, 2 more bodies (live actors). Sound fx, lighting, smoke.

Play House: Green lighting inside, various static dolls and props.
Toxic Storage: My sstorage shed with more toxic spillage.
Drop Panel: Actor ready to pounce next to the Spider Tree.
Spider Tree: Giant spider, egg sacs, shiatsu body in webs, more webs.
Zombie Run: Several actors zombified that will chase the ToT's. Sound fx for zombie chase and feast. Lights and strobes.
Crazed Autopsy Room: Doctor (actor) working on latest victim (actor). Giant siwrling vat of evil green goo (think movie Prince of Darkness) with tubes going into victim.
Exit and candy. No one gets free candy around here...you have to work for that tootsie roll!

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We're doing a cemetary on the side of our house. The front will have a whole bunch of reapers with strobe lighting and fog. The crowning glory will be when the trick or treaters come. My daughter is going to come out and do the slow scary walk (like that little girl in 30 days of night) dressed in a bloody slip holding a bloody trick or treat bag, her mouth sewn shut and a gash at the front of her neck. About 5 seconds behind her my husband is coming out in a bloody apron, wild hair and a surgeons mask(hubby is 6 ft and has a really imposing demeanor). He's going to yell "Where did she go!" They'll both make their way to the back of the house,through our cellar and back upstairs into the kitchen. I just hope it works out like I want it to.
Im going with a Halloween theme...LOL. Seriously

I bought the animated Michael Myers and worked him over a little bit to make him more realistic looking.

Anyways in my garage Im going to have him in the back corner by my circuit breaker with a slow strobe light hidden in it to make it look like its shorting. Then next to him is going to be his mothers tombstone with her dug up corpse. There is also going to be 4 body bags laid out in the driveway with 1 actor that randomly kicks and comes out. Along with the standard fog and random body parts with some extra dead bodies hanging in the garage. Michael is almost ready to go. He just needs to be bloodied up, and maybe repaint his hand so they dont look so fake. Im open to suggestions on improving him so feel free to fire away.
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That's a great prop, blackacid.

I'm not sure what our theme is this year. Maybe along the lines of a "Haunted Countryside". The biggest prop will be my corpsed out equine/canine-looking demon thing roughly the size of a pony. There will be the customary giant spider webs and web fillaments and some bats and rodents, along with a handful of tombstones, home-grown corn stalks and simple scarecrows with (replicated) animal skull heads. My mum wants a pumpkin-headed ghost to hang above the walkway, so that is nearly finished. There will be fog, some strobes and toned down lighting, a background of sound effects I am still researching, a few jar candles and of course plenty of jackos. I'm trying out using scented candles this year outdoors and have already ordered clove tealights and a Graveyard-scented votive from darkcandles.com to sample (the idea has been planted in me by the esteemed pumpkinrot). Seeing as I'll be out on the porch steps most of the evening I'll be able to keep two sharp eyes on any real flames.
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I'm streamlined this year. Small display in the front yard. Not sure exactly what.
Thinking about a talking grim reaper sitting in my hearse in the driveway and a graveyard with all my buckies in reaper robes. Sort of a Grim Reaper party. Thunder and Lightning sound and strobes hung in the tree. Fog of course, eerie blue/white LED lights...
I'm open to suggestions for this.
Want to do something with a great look but least amount of work.
Our dtr is getting married at our house in December so have tons to do for that and must make Halloween fast and easy.
I have tombstones, cemetery fencing, black arch, 5 Buckies, 7 Budget Barts, 9 Mr. Thrifties, several Bluckies, at least a half dozen reaper props, foggers, strobes, all kinds of lighting from candles to string to blacklight to floods.
What do y'all think?
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If you manage to do it, I want a how to on how to make halloween fast and easy haha

As for us, we'll be recycling the organist for a encore performance. He'll be playing funeral songs this time. We'll also have a coffin set up with flowers, candles etc and at a certain point the pneumatic deceased will sit up :D

Oh and I"m hoping the coffin bar will be a big hit!

This year's haunt is going to make up for the passed few years that I haven't done anything. We used to be known as having the coolest house on our street - I want to get that reputation back ten-fold.

I owe everything I'm doing to THIS site. Because of this great place, I will have 60 feet of pvc fencing outlining the graveyard, three dozen pvc and tealight candles illuminating the tombstones, a flying demon FCG, a rocking chair that rocks itself on my front porch, my reaper was given a makeover and his head now turns side to side, two foggers, and some miscellaneous things to scare all the little kiddies (and their parents too).

This is a wonderful place that I am so glad I found.
If you manage to do it, I want a how to on how to make halloween fast and easy haha

As for us, we'll be recycling the organist for a encore performance. He'll be playing funeral songs this time. We'll also have a coffin set up with flowers, candles etc and at a certain point the pneumatic deceased will sit up :D

Oh and I"m hoping the coffin bar will be a big hit!

Well, we did do a whole yard in a couple of days after I had surgery two years ago. It wasn't fun, but the Vicodin helped a lot!
I'm mostly worried about my buckies getting stolen if I do the scene in the front yard. I set them up in the fenced in backyard several days before Halloween, but the front yard seems like such easy access. I have a fake video camera I can mount on the eaves and can post signs that the yard is monitored. That might ease my mind. Plus we have a motion detector light by the door.
This year is the first year that I'm going all out. I'll have the standard mid size graveyard with some groundbreakers, bones, etc. I'll be making a pumpkinrot type scarecrow that I'll probally start making either this weekend or next. Then I'll have the full size coffin at the front door along with a life size mummy prop we fot from spirit about 3 years ago. Then some other odds and ends in the front yard; fog, orange lights, some little trees, some fencing, etc. This year though I'm expanding into the garage. I'll be using about half of the two car garage, dividing it by hanging some black sheets from the ceiling. I'm not sure on whats going in the garage, but I'm debating on either making it a Michael Myers theme with the prop from Spirit, or a ghost/reaper theme with the Soul Reaper from Spirit. I'm going to Spirit this weekend to buy my large prop, so I'll know my theme for sure then.
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I'm not really going to have any theme I think mine's going to kind of incorporate a bit of everything. I still have a lot of work to do so we'll see how it turns out
What's my haunt going to be like this year?

or at least I hope so...gulp!
we're expanding our graveyard this year and making a walkthrough in the side yard. it will be 3 rooms with actors and props, also the graveyard is going to have several props which we didn't have before, these changes along with several scares coming from the trees should make for a good time.
Sounds like lots of really good ideas everyone!Can't wait to see everyone's props and decorations up!
We are going to have the cemetery in the front yard (corner lot) with lots of tombstones, coffins, corpses, and 5 animatronics. Fog machines, thunder and lightning, and sound effects will round it out. We are also building a 9 room walk through haunt in our garage. We like the old "Haunted Mansion" theme, and have a detailed back story to go with it. It's going to be a great year!!!
I am doing Charlie Brown and the gang with pumpkins, ghosts, and newly created pumpkin lamp posts on the side of my yard. It is the 5th year for Charlie Brown and the gang. In the front yard, doing the cemetry theme with tombstones, fence, grave digger, and adding additional lighting along the sidewalk - -which includes black flame candles, lighted skulls, and lamp posts. Mostly, I have been working on lighting items this year. I am alos thinking that this might be the last year for Charlie Brown and the gang, but not sure yet. You can see pictures of years past on be website link below.
Year One: A simple, quiet, moody, atmospheric, traditional graveyard of about 6 or 7 tombstones, 2 skeletons, maybe one zombie, a scarecrow . . . . and some other simple randomness.

Wait until year 10 . . . Mwahahahahaha!
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