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So yes, I was once a hardcore haunter. My garage, attic and a storage shed were once full of awesomeness from cemetery fences to fog machines and animated props and a mile of extension cords (literally) ... but alas, we moved, I sold it all, and I have to keep it simple now.

My setup basically fits into a few Rubbermaid boxes. Some window ghosts, lights and such. I want to step it up just a tiny notch this year.

I have a couple projectors and several Hallowindow discs, but this house just doesn't have big windows. Any ideas for using projection that doesn't involve putting them in my yard?

I wonder if I use both red and green lights and alternated them, if that would be okay or if would just be too Christmas-y?

I will probably pull out all the string lights and make use of them this year. Just because. The setup in the picture is what my 6 year old designed last year. ;-) Simple, but elegant LOL

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