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What's an example of "clear mesh background" to use with the link below?

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I have a good idea and a location for this.
I have a projector and I'd like to put the screen up between two trees in a small wooded area that people walk by.
The projector will be deeper into the trees and I'll have speakers up by the front of the "mesh"
What is "clear mesh background" though?

Any thoughts if this is going to work?
Any suggestions to make my idea better?

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Funeral Crasher
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I'm not sure what kind of "Clear-mesh" they are talking about. Most people use shower curtains or sheets, but that's normally inside the house.

If I was going to use a projection outside, I would try out a large piece of replacement window screen. I think that would make a good scrim.
Or maybe landscape fabric (weed-block) would work?
Good luck!

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