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What would YOU do?

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I am trying to decide on music for a haunted hospital. The intent is to have a musical track that drowns out background noises and puts people on edge. I thought I'd ask the experts for their opinion:

Candidate #1 - Trivium "The Crusade" 8:18, a fast, pounding, some upbeat parts but mostly aggitated and evil song without any words

Candidate #2 - Runemagik "Darkness, Death, Doom" 3:46, a slow, grinding, evil sounding song with about 30 or 45 seconds of unintelligible 'growlspeak' at the end

Candidate #3 - Lamb of God "Ashes of the Wake" 5:45, a fast, pounding, evil song, but has talking in the beginning and end about a soldier killing civilians in Baghdad

My current fav is #2 because it seems to put an edge on the slow grind that would create suspense and anticipation (for me). What do you think? Thanks!

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Here's a suggestion - Have a listen to the Soundtrack from the movie "Sopcerer" by Tangerine Dream. Very unsettling music that still lends itself to a voice-over.

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