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Hello all,

It is just a little over a week after the big night, and most of us seem to be packing up our goods for another year. This seems like a really good time to sit back, reflect, and share with others what worked for you this year, and what unfortunantly didn't.

-+-+-+-+-=What worked=-+-+-+-+-

This year I created two major new props for use during our annual party, the first were a pair of mausoleam stones (You may remember them from the Lighted Halloween Wall Art tutorial), and the second was a punch bowl inspired by the punch bowl featured in the bucky boneyard craft ideas section (aka. Fountain of Youth). Both were a big hit and adorned our dining room area, which was set up as a buffet with all the goodies for the evening.
The punch bowl was really the tables center piece, and was affectionatly named 'Ralph'. The bowl featured a zombie crawling from his grave and vomiting back into the hole, thus the name. We made up a big batch of sex on the beach, which was not only very yummy, but appropriately colored to be vomit. :)

Another thing that really went over well was our bathroom, we did a spider lair theme in there this year, and many of our guests were very creeped out. We didn't build any elaborate props for the room, simply covered it in spiders of different sizes and shapes. They were stuck to the walls, cielings, and fixures with sticky tack, which worked better then I could have ever hoped for. Also some spider webs were strung around the room, and the ever popular fine black threads were hung randomly from the ceiling so as you walked through the bathroom it felt like you were walking through spider webs. Lots of fun.

We also made a guest book this year using the techniques described in the craft section of the forum in the thread 'creepy old books'. We used a scrapbook as the starting point for this, which will allow us to add pages each year. Everyone signed as they came in, and I intend to add some pictures of the event to it.

-+-+-+-+-=What Didn't Work=-+-+-+-+-

We had one fog machine go out on us. Not sure what happened there. It got hot, but never would release it's fog. I think the controller might have gone bad, but not sure. It was a cheap walmart fogger, and this was it's second year... I guess I got what I paid for... *sigh*

Over sensitive mat switches were a problem again this year. I never had a chance to remake them from last year, so I guess I would be crazy to expect different results all of a sudden, but they were a pain again this year. I made mine using the instructions listed on the Monster Project List. They are good instructions, I recommend them, but there is room for error and I think that room is why my mats are over sensitive. I would like to make them out of something a bit more sturdy, but not sure how to manage that. Oh well.. maybe I'll figure it out before next year.

Over all it was a really successful year. I didn't get everything done that I had hoped for, but I never really do. I stressed out this year with the last couple of days upon me, but thats nothing new either. What was new was some of my friends and family pitched in in ways I never would have suspected. They are really great. :D

-+-+-+-+-=Things on the list for next year=-+-+-+-+-

Next year is already in the works. The theme that keeps rolling around is a return to classic horror figures. The wolf man, dracula, frankenstein, bride of frankenstein, jason, freddy, mike myers, swamp thing, etc. Not sure yet though, i'm mulling it over.

Projects I am considering:

*Three axis skull quartet.
- I keep seeing peoples videos of these, and I have read the majority of
the mamomth tutorial on how to build one, and I am completely
enamored. I just have to justify the cost to my husband and figure out
where they would live in the off season.

*Wall crawler.
- I have a perfect spot that would be very creepy to have a wall crawler.
Once again, off season storage is an issue, and I simply have to figure
out how to make one.

*Witch's Kitchen Bottles.
-I've been picking up odd shaped glass bottles this year, but I never got
around to decorating them. I may fix that between now and next

How did everyone else's Halloween turn out?

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My Gemmy witch finally croaked. I had 2 fog remotes that wouldn't work but luckily I had spares. One fog machine kept me pulling my hair out all night. I had a floodlight get kicked over onto some visqueen and it almost caught fire.

Hmmmm, let's see ....

I had an actor in the haunt that wore his creature reacher hands backwards all night and no one bothered to tell HIM or ME! The pictures look ... well ... weird.

Oh, I also bought the creepy crawling girl from Spirit and LOVE her but because our haunt was outside, she didn't really have a surface to roll around on so she had to just lay there, turned off all night.

Okay, I think that's it. It was still a blast though!

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For me this is a really simple question......For us the best thing that worked this season was opening the garage up & letting the people go out thru our kitchen instead of trying to circle back thru the dining room & foyer to get out the front door where people wewre coming in.

I cannot believe what a difference this whole setup made & how well it worked all night. Plus everyone really enjoyed our Scary Scene Contest entry in the garage!

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