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What to search for at yard sales....

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Need to start searching thru the yard sales to find good props for the halloween party this year. Besides the obvious, what sort of things are good to find to make props out of? What have you all bought at yard sales to use as props/builds? If you have pics, please post them too.

I just don't want to not buy something that might be great because I hadn't thought of it...

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I look for everything from light fixtures, tools, to anything unusual. Been pretty weak around here though.
BTW Shadow is a great name, I named my daughter "Valkyrie" this was before the movie and before the motorcycle, we were expecting a boy, then my wife wanted to name her Brittney, I said hell no, went to lunch and played the "Gauntlet" video game where Valkyrie is a character, after dropping by the library and doing some research and printing up a few pages my wife finally gave in. The only problem is very few people can pronounce or spell it. Once she tells kids it means "chooser of the slain" they think its cool.
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