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What to search for at yard sales....

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Need to start searching thru the yard sales to find good props for the halloween party this year. Besides the obvious, what sort of things are good to find to make props out of? What have you all bought at yard sales to use as props/builds? If you have pics, please post them too.

I just don't want to not buy something that might be great because I hadn't thought of it...

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Hey Frankie's Girl, I found one of those birdcages at a yardsale some years back and I used it for Halloween too. That's my son Shadow (yes that's his real name)dressed as Barrel from NBC. That's my victorian lady in the background.
I'm really digging the head in the jar on your mantel. Is that a mask submerged in water? That would be awesome for a witches kitchen =)
Oh, and I love your son's name =)
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