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giant piece of styrofoam.


It measures just over 7 feet long, 2.5 feet at the thickest point, but is irregularly cut - chunks and weird shapes gouged out. (I found it on the side of the road, no idea what this was for).

It's the big bead white styro, and it sheds the beads easily. Probably won't hold fine detail or cut cleanly.

I was thinking about doing a stone well for a Samara/Ring prop, but I'm not sure how without having to cut each stone out and then gluing all of them together.

Any ideas?

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No idea what to make but we have used lots of that type of foam before..be prepared for a messy clean up. Power tools will cut it fine and I use a sand/paint mixture to sort of make a hard shell. You can also make a stencil with contact paper and use the spray paint method to eat away an epitaph without worrying about it eating away too much. I would test a small piece first tho' just incase yours is a different type of foam. I've had some pices that would crumble in your hands if you picked it up.

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Carve it into a twisted tree trunk shape with holes for TOT's to reach into and hope to grab some candy before the tree grabs them!

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You could also make it an overhead stone. At The Darkness they used almost the exact same thing. It did a good job giving you a feeling that you were walking in a canyon: This picture is looking straight up:


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Stone it up and moss and vine it into an architectural remnant. I would use it to hide a mid-cemetary fogger/chiller and/or sound or other electronic gizmos.

Going bump in the night..
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Not quite as creative, but the first pic sort of reminded me of the long base of a family plot marker.
(upside down)

Sort of along these lines:

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Looks like a good base for a SpookyTown landscape to me. ;)
Actually looks like the base I made last year for my wife's collection to sit on our fireplace mantle! I had to take hardwood and glue solid blocks to it then carve... That piece looks great out of the box!!

It even has a ledge on the back for the power strips, etc....

Nice find

will rest in peace.....
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Hmm, thats weird it looks like the styrofoam that is used to make docks float. Anyway, It appears to be in the shape of some steps, you could make it into stairs for a mausoleum kinda like this

or you could just make the coolest tombstone ever!

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I would turn that into a pillar of the damned with a chained skeleton to it and have him crying out for mercy.

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yes i see it has an old ruine just make 2 columns of pvc with great stuff and add trhis piece on top just an entrance arch

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For those of you who are trying to create that look, its an old piece of exterior styrofoam moulding. Hard to find unless someone is tearing down a stucco covered house built in the seventies. Newer homes generally have polyurethane moulding. An awesome roadkill find though.

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It kind of looks like a stonewall to me. I think it would be great as a stonewall in a graveyard.
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