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What To Do With These...

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I got bored and made these paper mache dragons. More of a .... I wonder if I could ... make them? I usually make pumpkins. Anyway I'm done and I'm not sure what to do with them. They don't really go with my cemetery. Any suggestions?

Dragon Fictional character Mythical creature Cryptid Bat

Dragon Fictional character Mythical creature Figurine Cryptid

Dragon Fictional character Figurine Mythical creature Animal figure

Dragon Fictional character Mythical creature Animal figure Figurine

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Put them in the post to me.... You could do loads with these - have them guarding the front door, sat in a tree, looking out through a window. They are awesome. Any chance of a how to..?
Those look great! You could do a lot of things - make a dragon tombstone for a dead wizard, suspend flaming bowls or flickering votive candle holders from their claws, use them as sentries on pillars or walls, perch them on a round Styrofoam ball, attach that to a long pvc pipe and make tall posts for an entryway with a chain reaching across both poles, perch them on either side of a basin and make a kind-of dragon water feature, if you wanted you could spray paint them with that fleck-stone type of spray paint to make them look like stone & then they'd be really cool for a cemetery.

Anyway, lots of options! Hope you can find a neat way to incorporate them into your haunt!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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