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what the?

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I was watching this video on Youtube and i can't figure it out! This guy is cutting out this black stuff, that looks like plastic, then he puts it on this record looking thing and when he turns it, it makes an animatronic move. i don't know how to put the video on here, but it was on the making of the haunted mansion. if anyone could tell me what that is it would make me feel better, and probably give me an idea how to make my animatronics.
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Oh ok... the early animatronic movements were created by these cut out pieces (of vinyl?). some sort of device or needle would follow the odd shaped edges which then manually translated into the movements on the attached animatronic.

When they wanted a different series of mevements, they would make the shape different. Unfortunately, I don't know much more than that or how it first came to be but that's about the just of it.

If anyone has more info or can fine tune my explanation, go for it! :O)
thanks that explains it! ( i'm not being sarcastic) i think im going to check it out
what is the link to the youtube video that you were watching?
I bet you were watching the vid about the making of Disney's Haunted Mansion, or Pirates. Back in the late 60's, they used alot of cam driven movements for simple charactors. He was cutting cam lobes on the black plastic disk. A cam follower, attached to a "bike brake" cable or a valve to control movement. Clunky, mechanical, and expensive to make. The newer digital controllers are so much cheaper and compact.

mindshaft, thank you for elaborating, you've explained it better than I could! :O)
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