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What the ....?

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Red wine stains everything, right? I mean, you spill it on your favorite shirt and it'll never come out no matter how many times you wash it, right? Okay, swell. So I buy this Doctor's lab coat for the big day to play a mad scientist in. But it's too white and I figure it needs a few blood stains. So I open a bottle of Merlot and make creative splatters and even hand prints all over the thing. It looks great. I let it dry in the sun. Swell. So I throw it in the wash to give it that lived in look and guess what? Every drop of wine comes out. The coat is whiter that when I put it in the washer.

How is that even possible?
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Y'know, Ugly Joe...you got a point. And fortunately, Madam Leota (being a Haunted Mansion fan, by the way, I love the name) it wasn't good Merlot. It was the cheapest swill I could find at Walmart. You know, the kind you drink straight from the bottle while nursing a broken heart? I figured if anything would stain everything - including your heart - this stuff would do it. Oh, curse you fabric technology!
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