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What the ....?

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Red wine stains everything, right? I mean, you spill it on your favorite shirt and it'll never come out no matter how many times you wash it, right? Okay, swell. So I buy this Doctor's lab coat for the big day to play a mad scientist in. But it's too white and I figure it needs a few blood stains. So I open a bottle of Merlot and make creative splatters and even hand prints all over the thing. It looks great. I let it dry in the sun. Swell. So I throw it in the wash to give it that lived in look and guess what? Every drop of wine comes out. The coat is whiter that when I put it in the washer.

How is that even possible?
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Yeah, the problem here is that you actually WANT the coat to stain.

Now you have to fool the gods of irony into believing you want that lab coat white, spotless and pristine. Once accomplished, it will take stains like a magnet.
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