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In response to a member request on clown projections for their haunt, I was thinking that maybe the reason Carnival projections are so hard to find is because in part people out there aren't sure what exactly we would like to see. Certainly clowns props, costumes, and carnival set ups are prominent enough at halloween time that I think there should be more out there. So 1) what kind of projections would you like to see? 2) How would you use them?

I have a circus/carnival/side show theme still in the planning stages. I'd like to see:

Scary clown images that fade in and out to maybe projected on a carnival mirror set up or used in a Hall of Broken Mirrors (guess projector would be either from below or above and project onto the "broken mirror suspended segments"). I have a few inexpensive kids Lightblaster projectors (like Wonderwall projector) that might work for this.

Carnival/circus animals (faces or whole body) that suddenly emerge from the darkness in a circus wagon and growl, screech, roar, etc and then retreat into the darkness. Used as a primary scare, very quick.

Flying bat video that could be looped and projected on a ceiling or in this case circus tent top.

I could see having what I'd call a facade video that could be looped to project an empty creepy ferris wheel going around. Maybe a creepy carousel. Both would be used for background (or backyard) set up but seen from the front yard haunt.

Projection of a live fiji mermaid swimming in water, who would be projected incased in an aquatic viewing chamber/box. Probably use blue/green lighting and long strands of seaweed garland hanging down in the projection area. Nice to have just the image of the mermaid or I suppose some would like a watery image of her.

I'd love to create a tunnel (using my cemetary arches for the projection facade) and turn it into a haunted rollercoaster covered tunnel the ToTers could "look into". Imagine the projection would be 3D effects of lights and such in a tunnel against a dark background.

What about you guys?
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