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What is the small two pin connector on Gemmy and other simple animated props?

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There is a common connector used on many animated props, to allow a "Try Me" button.
I'd like to do remote triggering with a longer cord, but do not have the original button for all props, so I'd like to be able to get more plugs.

What is the connector type and where would I find plugs? Is it one of the JST series?
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Hey Zeph, I think they're mini JST connectors. It's worth it to pay the $17 or so to get a crimper vs. trying to use needle nose pliers.

I've wired stuff up using solid core RJ-11 phone wire I found in the surplus section at a local electronics shop. I connected the wires to a relay controlled by an Arduino and they worked great.

If you run into the newer style props that have the mini jack, they don't quite work the same as a dry-contact switch and instead use foot pads with a piezo circuit. The way I've dealt with this was to connect the 2 wires to my relay but I also added a battery pack with 2 AAA batteries so when the relay momentarily closed it would also close the circuit for the connected batteries. The brief application of voltage to the circuit will consistently trigger the newer props (mimicking a voltage spike like you'd get from the piezo).
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