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What is like unpacking 30+ Life size Animatronics....

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I started unpacking finally... tonight, I have lots to assemble!

What you see in this vid is only half of my collection... The garage will be tomorrow...

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Os, on behalf of the three dozen Chinese factory workers you kept employed making those Spirit props, I'd like to thank you!! LOL!!
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Do your animated props run on batteries or plug in to electric? I was thinking...lots of batteries! Also, taking all those batteries out after Halloween to store the props is another whole job. I have lots and lots of batteries for my various small props, so I wondered about the larger ones.

Anyway, nice collection! And it is cool how you found the bargains along the way.
2 Chinese factory workers , one died in the assembly line... (L)
The big ones run on power adapter. Last year, I kept jumping my power bars because I had too many on them (L).
Maybe we should install separate power boxes to deal with all the Halloween props? You know, like the ones those Christmas light crazy (in the best possible way) have.
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Two in each box?? I'm lucky if I can get one of those suckers back in its own box!
I tried to help lessen Os' burden of unpacking so many but he won't sell me the life size character I am interested in :p Maybe when the frustrating task of packing them all back up comes around you'll reconsider. J/K...have fun!
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And I thought I had a lot of Halloween stuff!!! Good luck setting up and can't wait to see it finished! I subbed you on Youtube!
thx for the osenator 'fix" ... i was starting to see and feel bugs crawling on my skin ... but i'm better now :)

here's wishing that you and everyone has amazing halloween weather this and every year ...

Well, I cleaned my garage today and we are starting to put the Haunt tomorrow... I am so exhausted. Man, do I have stuff, I took 3 front yards just to organised what I had in the Garage.

Since this year, we are concentrating on PUNKING patch, with Witches and Scarecrows, I put away all hanging skeletons, the vampires and other props we won't use this year from.

So, NO Cemetary this year, but our Punkins patch will be packed anyway.
awesome! :) :) Have fun setting up. Hope you have great weather. :)
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