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What I Learned - 2015

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Didn't see a thread dedicated to this yet. So I'll start.

1. Rusty old chains make wonderful wind tie-downs! I draped them over my tombstones and crisscrossed them over coffins to keep the wind from destroying my lighter props. Not only did it work, but the look was perfect... especially over the coffins! I'll be doing this from now on. MUCH easier than tying off to stakes and super fast to take down.

2. I will finally get a better system in place for organization. While my stuff is all back inside- it is not yet put away. I vow to organize as I put away and inventory everything as I go. I really see how a huge plan-ahead is invaluable. Thanks to all who've suggested organizing tips throughout the year. Muuuaaah!

What was your take-away from 2015 Halloween?
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I bought a green, purple, and red spot light for the house.... Next year my house will be eerily lit up!!!
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