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I do an annual craftshow with the wife and my parents in the middle of October. I usually am scrambling to finish craft items and try to complete new Halloween projects. No more! I am bound and determined to finish the craftshow stuff in the early spring. Get all that done and be able to focus entirely on Halloween in October. Then when the craftshow roles around, I can throw the completed crafts in the truck and haul them to the show. Then all summer long, I can build Halloween props, improve and fix old ones. I'm done this for 21 years, I really need to get my act together. I'm getting too old for unneeded stress. I need to invest in a better lighting system and sound system. I need to have a simpler way to do things. I have the setup down pretty good but I could use a better system. Organization is seriously lacking and I realize how much it stresses me out.
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