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....what will you resurrect NEXT year?

I let go of making twin Kim Novaks for Vertigo and a Hitchcock silhouette for the graveyard. I MIGHT still do a life size figure of Hitchcock but I'll have a live haunter playing him on Halloween night so that's okay.

Since I do a different theme every year, those ideas are gone forever. (I don't repeat themes). But I did make a sturdy and reuseable backdrop for the courtyard area of Rear Window which will work in future years with other themes. I'll post a pic later to show what I mean. My neighbour's yard is piled with junk and last year he cut back the tree that used to block it. So every year I have to come up with ideas to hide it. Blankets get wet and blow up and over. I don't have the funds to put up lattice work to cover it right now. I'm happy with this solution and will probably reuse it if it stands up.

How about you?
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