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What do you think of my Invite? Not a poet at all, but pretty proud of myself!

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As Halloween night draws near,
We turn our thoughts to phobias and fears.
Spaces, small and dark or high above the ground,
Not to mention creepy dolls and clowns.
Whatever your darkest fear may be,
Spiders, snakes, ghosts or bees.
Come celebrate and "face your fear" with no dismay (I need to work this line better)
At a costume party on October 30th, (it's a Friday!)

Can you guess my theme? I will also run some ideas and requests for practical help for my party later in the week.
I just have to say that this forum is the best! I have to stay home for "flu like symptoms" and I've been reading for hours and totally got inspired!!!!
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Sounds great - I'm stumped and keep searching and searching for invite ideas with no luck so far.
Once I decided on a theme the invite was easy. I literally wrote down every decoration I have and want to get and the theme just emerged. Also since I know I'm inviting a lot of people (75) I knew i couldn't do anything too complicated. I thought about doing a skeleton (inspired by Martha Stewart) but when I priced it out it was way too expensive. So now I'm just gonna roll these bad boys up and put a little spider on a bit of "web" (black creepy cloth) and call it good.
What ideas do you have? What type of party are you planning on having?
Well we always do scary, just decorated, nothing particular...but I was trying to incorporate a theme and it's not working. I'm turning 30 as well, so I had thought of doing a roaring "20's", like out with the 20's in with the 30's. Then dress as a flapper, gangster, maybe a murdered flapper.
This is also very late for me to be starting to plan/organize, so I feel way behind. I usually have my invites done and ready to be mailed already.
What about a newspaper front page? Or some kind of "spooky speakeasy" where you have to know the password?
That's what I was trying to look for on here...wasn't really sure what it was until I started Googleing and reajdy posts on here. The invites and wording are my first speed bump....

Like our 5th annual...

Help us Celebrate this year by boot"legging" out the roaring 19"20"'s and swinging in the Great Depression....
Turning 30 but it won't be another Great Depression
I guess I should know my audience as well...I really don't have a lot of faith that everyone should dress the part, so I shouldn't put a lot of effort into the theme. I will dress the part, but that doesn't matter. I just thought it was a cute idea for my 30th as well.
probably not. Here are some ideas:
Old school murder scene...(I keep thinking of the musical Chicago)
goth Boudoir w/a lot of burgundy and black and old lamps?
Traditional speakeasy maybe w/ skeletons, mummies or ghosts playing cards?

I doubt everyone will dress as 20s/30s, but you will be giving guidance to people who don't know what to wear or wait til the last minute.
I always have visions of having these great theme parties where everyone dresses up, and it just doesn't happen. I guess I should be lucky if they dress up at all! Some of the folks are pretty flakey when it comes to Halloween! I still might word it somewhat that way, and incorporte a room or 2 with some basics, maybe going to try for the haunted speakeasy. Moneybags, dead bodies, money dumped on the floors.... Then maybe on the invite just give some costume suggestions, like you said, it might help out the folks that are having trouble, but still gives you the option to dress as you wish?! I don't know, just rambling now, but what's the point of a theme then? My own enjoyment?
Well I'm off to bed for now, but thanks for your help, maybe I'll see you around the board!
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