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What do u guys think

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Did this today . Grass Public space Bench Furniture Backyard
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You built a coffin in a day? I applaud you! :D
Color & shading - excellent. Proportions, excellent. But the photos don't give any suggestion of the size other casket. Nothing to give it scale... I always go life-size or better. The last thing you want in your yard on Halloween Night is something that will be described as "cute".
So it was built out of foam board from the dollar tree in about 1.5 hrs. I'm building a cemetery creep kinda of guy that will be walking through the cemetery caring it on his back . I went with a smaller size say 3.5 feet for that reason. I'm going to mount a skeleton hand I think busting out of it holding a lantern maybe not sure.
Fiction Fictional character Demon Beard Jaw
here is the start of the guy. I'll have him kinda making his way through with a walking stick. I'll do some fake chains around the coffin holding it on to him:)
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took the extra foam core board and just braced the inside were ever. I may when I make the opening for the skeleton hand spray some great stuff foam inside to help keep it stable.
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