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For me it means just three more working weekends before the big night , and i have still got a load things to do and make , i am doing a witch and skeleton theme , but as with everything it has not gone as planned and i am struggling to get everything i wanted done . i bought the Rising Swamp Witch and wanted to build some sort of fake house or shack for here to sit outside and rather than describe it i have a photo , i am only making 2 sides as the back is my front room wall and window and the far end is a large privet hedge .
Shed Log cabin Building House Garden buildings
Shed Wood Garden buildings Siding Building

as you can see i have a lot still to do on the long side area , i have made a door etc for the little front door entrance side , and i have to make all the accessories potions , animal and human remains in jars etc you know all the sort of stuff to give it the extra detail , thats why i am panicking bloody hell its only 3 weekends left .....
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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