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What are you doing with your walgreens skeletons!

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After creating the ever so popular walgreens skeleton resurrection thread it seems alot of you have bought some.. i know i have:) I want to make a second thread to share ideas where your putting them... if your corpsing them? what are you planning to do or have already done with your skeletons! Might bring some inspiration to the table for others to follow! If you can feel free to add pictures to help us out!
Lets share!
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I just bought mine today. I might pose him on the porch, stirring the bubbling cauldron

Here's my drinker Walgreens skeleton pirate and a windshield wiper motor rig.
Here's what i did with 2 of mine. One is in the passenger seat of my hearse, you can't see him that well.
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One of mine stole my recliner, LOL

One of my Walgreens skeletons is using my favorite chair, LOL


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Created a Mutant I call him Uncle Buc View attachment 138175
that is so knarley! I would love to know how you attached the head! HM
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3/8 steel rod Heated the end of it and pushed it down the full length of skelly spine on the inside of the spine
Then drilled a hole in the bottom of skull.
Mine went for a ride with me today to pick the granddaughters up from school.
Vehicle door Motor vehicle Vehicle Car Mode of transport
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Morticia Addams is a Walgreens skele, and Gomez is the Costco skele from this year.


Outside, Davy Jones in the rum barrel is from Walgreens.

Skeleton Tree Scarecrow Plant Costume
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I guess I am the only person who got several of these and did not have an imagination. I just hung them on the front deck facing the street. I did have them hold hands but now they have to make room for the Zombie Band and are in a pile similar to a '70's orgy as you come up on the porch. Sigh, now to bring them in and put them away. Not a skeleton year......
We have two of them, so far, and these things are awesome!! Super light weight and a lot cheaper than buckeys. Ours are simply hanging on either side of our mausoleum, and they look great!
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