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Last night was! Haunt workers from about 2 1/2 hours away came to see Ravens Grin Inn!
An extremely appreciative bunch of people,So Lavish with their compliments!
They saw the house in two groups, then remained to play" Hyde & Shriek " for another hour!
They all seemed to thoroughly enjoy My style of "Haunting"! AND So were impressed with the house and the work I have put into it too!
(Can't get any personally better than this!)

One Haunt worker told us later what he was supposed to do last October:In a room maybe just 15ft by 20ft,he was standing in the middle of that room as 60 people would be herded into it, then he had a very short piece of time to speak about all the hazards, rules, then he had 10 seconds to make them all leave that room so the next group could come in!
Then his co-workers would ask him at the end of the night ,"Why are you tired and grouchy
"Faster! Faster! MORE! MORE! Should always be rewarded with many heart-felt, genuine Thank you's +plus.!"
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