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What a Great and Fun Day!

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We were almost too busy! Most were either first time visitors or were returning from many years ago,and they were all nice people,many highly complimentary!
(And they made their complimentary remarks as the Exit hatch opened and they knew the tour was completed,they could glimpse "Freedom" and were under no pressure (any more)
One woman didn't realize the tour was over, walked away, then came back,bought a shirt from my Wife and told her she would have shook my hand and told me how wonderful it was , if she had known the tour was over!?
99 out of 100 people have no trouble recognizing this.....even in the dark,, which she was not in...I guess entertaining people, getting them fascinated in the house and my performance is to blame.
It was quite a "Track Meet" from 2 in the afternoon to Midnight. With any less enthusiasm, I would have been "Whupped"!
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Good for you Gym , its sounds like your becoming a top showman , any attraction can be interesting but with a real entertaining host or guide it can take it to another level , when we go to visit my girlfriends family on the Isle Of Wight we always take in one of the islands Ghost walks and the guy who takes you around is always dressed in Victorian garb and is an accomplished amateur actor , so his story telling and delivery draws you in and educates at the same time , he really creates an air of mystery and excitement as well , this is what i mean about another level and its what you take away with you when you go that makes you want to come back .
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