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What A "DAY" (so far!)

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Just before 7am 130 young girls arrived at our haunted house! (Second year now for this) They entered, passed through two rooms and then another room and eventually arrived back on the front parking lot as they were "retched-out" on the roadway from the huge skull's mouth!
They are all in "The Under-5 Club" practicing to run the Mile under 5 minutes.
They all got just a "Touch" of the house for a very small amount of $, and some got scared and were even screaming (as the other girls scared them!)

Then this afternoon a couple were at the door . "He" looked familiar,she said she had never been here before, and that she was supposed to be boarding an airplane bound for California this afternoon. They were on a time-consideration so I really tried to be a little quicker.. except She was So enthusiastic!
She was like a part of the "Show", and very complimentary.
When all this fun was over,she said she might not be going to California now? Did I "Out-California" ,"California?"
Please forgive me, those of you reading this. I Really Do try to keep some modesty about myself... but.. when someone is so wildly enthusiastic for my own artwork and creations here, non-stop , for almost two hours.
I even tried to scare her off by telling her I would rent her the Coffin-Tank to live in (in my basement) for "Only" $300,a month.
It's an "Upright" steel coffin on steel tank tracks with a V-12 motor behind it, and she would have to share residencty with the "Two-Faced Salesman already in there! (She was still wildly-wilded-eyed!)
Of course the guy who brought here here had lied, i thought I recognized him,he had been here before,but praise for Him, he "Knew" what she would like, and he brought her here!
She acted as if she was a character in a Comedy Play on someone's stage,so I became "Her Audience", which was also fun!
What a DAY! (And the night still awaits! )
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And then, yesterday....a young woman who used to come here VERY frequently arrived to show me her new Husband.
yrs. ago she and her previous B.F. would show up here almost every week! From 100 miles away!
I never had this before! I was trying to come up with new routines and things to do Just For Them! (And I did!)
One time I arranged things so just the two of them were alone in a large, very dark room. I got myself into that same room and began making small,strange noises, which made each of them think it was "Her" or "Him" (when it was Me). They were slowly, ever so cautiously moving around in the dark... then they bumped into one another!
Another time as they went around the common customer travel-route I was taking my personal "short-Cut" to head them off and do . something?
As I quickly went through the Bathroom I grabbed a long piece of toilet Paper from the roll, quickly looped it up high above the path they would be taking in a second or two, as fate would have it,I had put it at just the right height to allow just the end of the T.P. to very lightly brush across the top of her head!
Her Scream followed!
I had just discovered a "New! Thing to do for them, that day.
Her new Husband is a very interesting guy,a former US Soldier, a Tank driver,now schooling towards a degree to become a psychiatrist, AND he once worked in a professional Haunted House!
We talked a long time.
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