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Hello All,

I host monthly game nights at my house, and we always spends several hours playing Werewolf. For those of you who aren't familiar, it's MAFIA with a spooky twist: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgamefamily/2989/werewolf-mafia

The game is so much fun, and gets really competitive and intense. I have a spooky halloween playlist in the background during the game, keep the lights low (usually use candle light), and for executions, I have a chopping block and card board axe where players actually kneel and are "beheaded" in each round.

As I've been playing for years, every game, I try to include new characters to spice up the action and the spookiness. Have any of you played this, and if so, what are your favorite characters? Any characters you can come up with to inspire the game? I'd love to incorporate your ideas into my next game (Thanksgiving day).

Here are the characters and "powers" at play currently:

1) Werewolves: Can kill each round.
2) Witch: 1 save, 1 kill.
3) Seer: Can ask narrator if someone is the werewolf each round.
4) Little Girl: Can peek during any round.
5) Butcher: If killed by werewolf or the village, the village have only 2 days to find and kill the werewolves before they die of starvation (butcher supplies the village food).
6) Abominable Sectarian: Has two lives.
7) Creature: Gets to say "hello" to anyone per round. This is a favorite, because I spray whoever gets "hello'd" by the creature with a water gun.
8) Cleric: This character has holy water and can sprinkle it on a werewolf suspect at anytime. After the drops are administered, if the accused is a werewolf, they die. If the cleric is wrong and falsely accuses, the cleric bursts into flames.
9) Wild Child: If the werewolves choose this villager to eat during the night, this character turns from a villager into a werewolf. This throws off the game and adds great tension.
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