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Werewolf need latex help

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I'm lookin at doing some sort of werewolf costume this year and would like to make the face/head out of latex with "wolf" fur. Anyone have any suggestions or tutorials on how to latex your face for the 1st time, also how would I go about doing the top/back of my head without getting latex in my hair? Could I use some sort of tight fitting head cover like maybe a swimmers cap?

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Sure, I'm thinkin more of the "wolfman" type style, I want to use the foothill creation werewolf fangs (top and bottom). And use latex to make the face more like a werewolf. I don't want to do a FULL head to toe werewolf fur, just like the upper chest up, hands, and feet. I perfer to do it where I can stay in costume for extended periods. We do a haunted house every year so I would need to use it nightly for about 2 weeks for about 3-4 hrs a night. I'm not sure what else to include, what am i missing?
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