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My recently deceased great uncle was a bit of an odd duck, but also a near-professional amateur photographer in his youth. My mother served as executrix of his estate, and we're dispersing the final odds and ends that no one else in the family wanted.

Among his vast stock of black and white photographs we found some moon photos taken circa 1968. There are a couple of 8x10s, a handful of 5x7s, and a few 4x5s. We were wondering: would anyone like some for the cost of sending us a self-addressed stamped envelope? All are black and white, most with some age toning. All have a little bending or whatnot but no creases or other serious flaws. They range from tight close-ups to those showing about 3/4 of the moon surface; none show the full moon in the sky. Quality ranges from "better" to "fair." Selection would be our choice, with at least one "better" per shipment. If you want an 8x10, be sure to mention this in advance so we can be sure I have enough and so you know to send a larger envelope. If you're interested in getting a lot of "fair" we'd be more than happy to accommodate, as these will surely be in the lowest demand.

P.M. me if you're interested with your address and preferences (will try to meet your needs as best we can), and I'll respond with my address for mailing. Warning: there's a lot on my plate so mailing might not happen immediately but if all I have to do is stuff a few pictures in a preaddressed and stamped envelope, well, even I can manage that reasonably quickly :D
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