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Wereraccoon 'Doctor Killjoy' costume work-in-progress

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Hello everyone! I'm working on a costume for a friend and thought you'd like to see my progress so far. This is a character I created a while back named Doctor Killjoy. He's a mad scientist wereraccoon. I was commissioned by my friend to make a costume of Killjoy for him. I figured I'd post some WIP pictures here before I continue work on him. I'd like some critique, but keep in mind I probably won't be able to do any major changes at this point.

I'll be sure to post some more pictures when he's complete. This won't be a full costume, I'm only making the head, tail, feet, and adding long claws to a pair of mad scientist gloves. My friend will be wearing his 'Psycho Ward' lab coat and a pair of pants with the costume pieces.

((I take orders for costumes like these, so if you're in need of an epic werewolf costume, feel free to contact me. ;) You can go to my art gallery to see some examples of my past work.))

Let me know what you think, what I can change, etc.!