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my party city has some of their big props from last year on sale- the lifesize talking butler holding the light up candles was only $69 instead of $129. Some of their other smaller ghouls and such were on sale too. I almost bought a 5 foot pirate skeleton hanging from a noose for $30. I might still, i'm just not sure where i'd use it.
I called 2 of mine, they said they have a few costumes on sale but no props, one guy flatly said in one of those disdainful voices, "our halloween props are never on sale",. I was like...meanie... but bit my tongue. I know for a fact at that store they had prop sales off and on unadvertised and way before October, because the manager last year was bragging about all the props she sold and how I "just missed it". ugh. Also it had been like the third time she had a half off prop sale. geez, I was like just missing all the sales last year. :( The other store I called was more friendly and said they were puttin up some of their hanging props but nothing major yet, probably in a few more weeks, "its still so early, its only July" she said, lol Im like OK, but you guys and many others put it up way before October last few years running, because I went looking for Halloween stuff at the end of Sept. and most of the good stuff was clearanced out already.
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