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Well,this had never happened before!

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We were sent an article written by a recent visitor, critiquing my Haunted House.
It featured a minute by minute account of Exactly what each of my routines were and what I used to do what with (devices, props I have made)
The rest of his article is only available to read if you buy his magazine (Physically, not on-line)
He also gives me dialog and has me saying things I have Never said, basically making me sound as if I am some sort of simpleton.
This person has never heard of a spoiler alert and must probably assume they have just done "Humanity" (or someone? A great service by spiling all the "Beans".. "Beans" that have been my livelihood and constitute the entire body of what i have created here over 28 years.
I am not able to drive and buy his magazine,a 225 mile one-way drive to read the rest of his work.. maybe,just maybe there might be some redeeming value or some niceties.. but I tend to believe it will just be more of the same. (I could be wrong?)
Most of my patrons specifically Do Not Blab to their friends,detailing every little thing or experience to be found here, in fact most do just the opposite wanting them to get the entire surprise(s) for the reactions (What a concept, huh?)
.. Because I have not read the entire article.. the verdict is still "out".. but I sure don't have a good feeling about it's conclusion.
On a very different "note",recently some Haunt builders took my tour and the one who was the Newbie said he had the best "Jump' (Scare") in my house, I was their last stop after their plane landed in the West Coast.. they had seen 33 Haunts .. I scared him with a piece of cardboard, just as I have many others over the years.
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I hate when people feel the need to spoil things for others. So freaking rude.
Don't let it affect you. Someone like that will be seen for what they are by anyone with any sense of values. And especially don't let it spoil your Hallowe'en celebrations!
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It sounded like a small local magizine that you have to travel quite a distance to get. If that's the case do you really have anything to worry about spoilers? If you do, consider it a challage to renew your haunt.

You can try to contact him for a copy. Of course if it is as bad as you think it is he probably will be scum to talk to.
Not sure if I would or would not want to read it all.
I you truly wanted a hard copy, without driving, I'd bet there is a HF member in his distribution range, who could send a copy to you.
just my 2 cents.
Sorry to hear about that, Gym. Maybe on the bright side, it might increase business for you.
Thank you,Ditsterz---Halloween Cottage----DeadEd-----Jersey Scare---Dave in the Grave..
Sorry to hear about that but, I love going to haunted houses I've already been to and watching my friends get scared (no I don't tell them anything). I hate when someone trys to ruin all the hard work people put into their haunted houses by ruining the scares.
The guy sounds like a real piece of work. I would not sweat his 'review' too much, especially if one has to make a special trip to his home base in order to read it in full.
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any publicity is good publicity?

he's far away ... his circulation is probably small ... the "cat is out of the bag" ... so, i wouldn't sweat it ... although it still sucks, big time :-(

"Small Circulation", except we got it from him on Facebook.
From "Day-One", here I decided to offer way too much for anyone to simply be able to memorize or to be able to not be distracted by all the things I have here making a difficult task for too much "Blabbing" (Or at least very accurate Blabbing!? )
I admit that i do love to overwhelm people,since some carp about admission price (Human nature?) then get going raving about how amazing it is later!
The suggestion about "renewing my tour". well, i began also considering such a thing,except like my Wife just pointed out, almost everything that he gave away are things very physically built-in with compressed air, electricity and hidden items so they could become more impressive within my presentation.
She also pointed out many of these items are a "Staple" of the house and have been impressing people for a great many years. (And eliciting many reactions!)
I have "Tweaked" routines constantly, making them better and more fun.........
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Pretty weird!!

Reminds me of this one time some guy in our local paper decided - for one time only - to write a critique of a local photography show.

It just happened to be my Uncle's photography show.

He was really negative and it made my Uncle feel horrible.

It was just so bizarre because our local paper NEVER reviews any galleries, art, heck - not even restaurants.
I parked my "Spooky" car a block from my house.
A very hate full and nuts man was inspired to write a critical letter to the local newspaper about my "Art'.
He had attended art school. He could paint a realistic picture of real people.
He once won an award at a World's Fair for an industrial design he created while working for a large company.
He felt much unfounded hate for me because my Dad once went out on a date in high School with the woman he married.
This hate full man also physically beat his Wife for many years,blacken her eyes and loosening her teeth.
Everyone in this small town knew what he did to her.
They had several children together.
He did many crazy,evil things,and he almost always seemed angry.

I carefully "crafted" my newspaper-letter response to his letter.
I inserted some vague statements that only he might recognize as personal insults to him.
Then a letter appeared in the newspaper from Michigan written by a man who worked for a museum and had been through my house.
He compared my house to a famous artist who had a highly modified house , created by himself in 1919.
I made a video.
I played the part of my antagonist,reading his letter to the camera,complete with twitchy mannerisms and odd persona sometimes slapping my own face with a ruler.
Then i played the part of" Me" to the camera, reading my own letter to the video camera.
This video was part of a compilation I gave to the local video store for them to rent out.
The video and my reason for creating it impressed the writer for The Chicago Tribune , he mentioned it within his article too!
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