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weird tombstone names

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I walk my dogs thru 2 cemetaries in town- I am looking for unusal tombstones to create one like- so I read the names and dates etc- yesterday I saw a weird name
Helarius A. Smith
who would name a baby Helarius???
can u top that one?
I'll post a picture later raining 2day
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In one of our Cemetarts theres a Mary Poppins, Firea VanDeCamp,
Waldo Holland-Ritz-Nazi, Cruel Betty Demoutoplo-Diaz Palmidinothe.

We actually found these last saturday. We took grave rubbings so I could share them with the ORBS group. As soon as I get a camera I'll get some photos. I promis these are real.

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There was a blog or article I think last year, on the net with funny/ cruel and unusual names on tombstones... The only one I can remember was Elizabeth Coli.

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I found this one at Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinatti, Ohio
The only thing that kept me from spitting soda on my monitor when I saw this was the fact I wasn't drinking any...it did elicit a loud snort and laugh, however!

Good lord...not compensating for anything, are they?
Or are they simply obsessed?
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