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Wedding Dresses

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in the past few weeks i've gotten 2 wedding dresses to use for my fright fest character, Adelaide Strigoi, the first one is going to be the "wedding dress" that my character is killed in, i probably wont make any changes to this dress because its too pretty to mess up. It was also a steal at only 40$

the second wedding dress will be the dress i was buried in and also turned into a vampire in. it was also a steal at 60$. I'm cutting off the sleeves and making it a strap top, the sleeves will be used as arm warmers. since the back is 1/2in to small to fully button, i will turn it into a corset back with sheer black ribbon to lace it. for the bottom half i am going to add black and pale blue tulle to the white tulle to give it an eire look and the front of the dress the tulle will be shredded to show some leg. in the train i will cut the black and blue tulle into scroll designs to add a ghostly effect. then i will run around outside to dirty up the bottom of the dress. I kind of want to stain the bottom of the dress black and have it fade it up to grey but i dont know. also i want to add something to the top front to make it less bridal, maybe i can underlay strips of blue and black tulle under the lace.

any thoughts?

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